Make the main thing the main thing

Mr Steven Moolman and his son Mathew visited the school on Monday, 17 October 2011 to give a motivational talk during the hall period.

Steven was a principal for 29 years and has been working tirelessly with young people instilling in them a sense of dignity and self respect. For the last 6 years he has been a director of Marsh Memorial home, where he is responsible for the care of 60 children at risk. He was at school with the principal Mr Wilson. His son Matthew is an entertainer and ex youth TV2 presenter.

His talk was well received by the learners and centered around the theme “Make the main thing the main thing”. In other words when you are or for example out at dinner, the main thing is to have fun and you must ensure that the goal is reached. However when you are at school the main thing is to be educated and nothing should stand in the way of achieving this. Another saying he emphasised was “If you always do what you do, you will get what you always get”. He told the learners to prepare themselves to be the child their parents would love to have and to get out of the Ghetto!

During the talk Matthew sang a song about him sitting on the train when a girl winked at him and the thoughts that instilled in him. The sad part however was that when they alit from the train, the girl walked straight at him, only to  pass him at the last minute to hug the man standing behind him. The school joined into the chorus with gusto and I think Matthew and them should record a song together later on, so excellent was the harmonies.

Mr Moolman talking to the future matrics

Afterwards Steven spoke to the grade 11 class to motivate them for the tough matric year of 2012. He stressed to them that they are in the unique situation of forever saying they were the first matric class and asked them to strive for a high pass rate so that they can in later years look back with pride.

Thanking Mr Moolman

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