International Clean Up Day 2015

Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town is starting to have a major impact on Gansbaai Academia and its learners with the Marine Sciences Project. Our learners participated in the annual International clean up day. Thank you to Aimelize Geerdts, a member of the project for the following report:

Saturday, 19th of September, was international clean up day. As Gansbaai Academia’s marine science club and we decided to do our share.
We went to Franskraal beach at 9:30 and picked up trash for about an hour. There wasn’t much trash on the beach but we managed to fill up about 10 bags. Between picking up trash and taking photos we had loads of fun.
What a privilege it is to be part of this club and knowing we are doing our part in keeping our beaches clean while learning about our coastal heritage. A big thank-you to our teacher, Miss Meiring for taking time out of her busy schedule and taking us on this excursion. Together we can make a difference.
Remember: Keep our beaches clean.
Aimelize Geerdts proud Grade 9 Sharkie.

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