Grade Shark

To counterbalance the cumulative negative record of bad work ethic and conduct, we will use a positive reward system, Grade Shark Status ( derived from The Great White Shark).

Grade 9 to 12  learners can, based on performance during the year, achieve Grade Shark status for active participation in school activities, academic diligence and self-discipline. This merit system is so designed that it rewards a positive attitude rather than the level of achievement. This means that it lies within the capabilities of any learner in the school to achieve Grade Shark Status.

Grade Shark Status learners are identified by the wearing of a name board in the form of a shark. level of authority, as well as more responsibility, than non-seniors. As a final tribute, their Grade Shark status is also mentioned as a positive attribute on their school leaving testimonial.


Shark Grade Status

Analo Yawa - Oct 2015Analo Yawa - Oct 2015
Analo Yawa - Oct 2015
Johan Van Der Merwe - Oct 2015Johan Van Der Merwe - Oct 2015
Johan Van Der Merwe - Oct 2015