Funky Fynbos Festival 2015

Gansbaai Academia played their part in the Funky Fynbos Show during the weekend of 19 September. We partook in the Uilenes part of the show and two wonderful days were spent in the idyllic setting, which at six in the morning is breathtakingly beautiful.

Whilst our prize-winning Marimba band enthralled the crowd with their melodies, some parents and teachers baked pancakes to raise some much needed funds for our school. The pancakes made a tidy profit and we would like to thank the two pastors for the equipment and the dough and the two ladies, who selflessly volunteered to help us bake on the Saturday, for their help at very short notice.. Marie Reid also put us in contact with USave and they also deserve a special thanks for their donation of ingredients.

On the Sunday we were privileged to watch our runners Themba(1st), Sile(2nd) and Marco star in the 12km cross country event. It is at moments like this that you feel what it is to be a proud Sharky. Well done guys and you and the Marimba band fully deserved our stunning pancakes.

The pictures show our Marimba Band in action. The other pictures are of our pancake ladies with our star athletes.

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