Parental Responsibilities

How should I contribute towards the development of my child’s school?

As a parent, you have a responsibility to contribute towards the development of the school by rendering services to the school. This may include making yourself available to participate in the activities of the school such as the maintenance of school property, auditing of financial statements, managing sports events, helping manage school trips etc.

What role can I play in supporting the learning process of my child?

Your child is in the custody of the school staff when she/he is at the school. The school staff can successfully carryout their teaching responsibilities if they receive the support of the parents.

As a parent you have the responsibility to:

  • make sure that your child attends school regularly;
  • assist with the discipline of your child;
  • assist the school in promoting a culture of mutual respect and tolerance;
  • monitor your child’s educational progress;
  • ensure that she/he completes her/his homework;
  • liase with the school staff; and
  • respond to school notices calling for responses.

How can I keep abreast of developments at the school?

Parents of learners must take responsibility for attending school meetings that are organised for them. The SGB is legally bound to report to the parents of learners at the school form time to time, and should keep parents informed about issues that affect them.

You have the right to request any additional information that is of interest to you from the SGB and the principal of the school. The SGB or principal must supply this information, or tell you in writing why they cannot give the information.

Excerpted from the Western Cape Government Website:You Have the Following Responsibilities as a Parent