Educator’s Pledge

Educators at Gansbaai Academia have a special pledge:

We who work in Gansbaai Academia hold the view that all pupils can succeed and we are working to see that it happens.


As an educator I will also

  • teach, to advance the education and the development of learners as individuals;
  • respect the dignity and rights of all persons without prejudice;
  • develop loyalty and respect for the profession;
  • be punctual, enthusiastic, well prepared for lessons, and of sober mind and body;
  • improve my own knowledge and skills base to be more effective;
  • maintain good communication between teachers and students, among teachers themselves and between teachers and parents;
  • provide regular information to parents on their children’s progress;
  • eliminate unprofessional behaviour such as teacher-pupil relationships, drunkenness, drug use, assault, sexual harassment and others;
  • make myself available to provide extramural activities.