Gansbaai Academia is a no fees, multi-cultural school situated in Gansbaai. The school officially opened its doors on 22 February, 2010 on the insistence of the local community who reasoned that the other high schools in the area were too remote. It serves all communities and most of the school’s current complement of 725 learners originate from the three main population groups (black, coloured and white) in Gansbaai and Stanford and their surrounding areas.

Our Mission:

To be an excellent comprehensive community school, with a strong emphasis in the area of Hospitality, CAT, Tourism and Maritime Studies. To be a community which works together to ensure all students are inspired, and empowered, to achieve their full potential.

Our Core Aims:

  • To raise the attainment of students of all abilities and
  • Ensure achievement in its broadest sense.
  • To promote and celebrate diversity.

Our Educators’ Pledge:

We who work in Gansbaai Academia hold the view that all pupils can succeed and we are working to see that it happens.