Principal’s Newsletter – 30th March, 2011

Dear Parents

Your child’s Report for the first term is accompanying this letter. Please go through this report very thoroughly with your child. Where there are signs of academic trouble in the progress of your child, you need to step up right now to ensure that your child improves in his work. At this moment there are still too many parents who do not make it their priority to take responsibility for their children’s education.

Although the school presented parent-teacher evenings, we have noticed the lack of enthusiasm from the parents by not attending these opportunities where they would have been informed about their children’s progress in all the learning areas. We as a school want to urge you to please attend all our parent meetings in the future.

Behavioral Problems:

The Governing Body had taken a stern stance against learners who make it their daily duty to disrupt classes through their inappropriate behavior. It is really with a deep concern that we notice the deterioration of learners-parent relationships. The time has come for parents to claim their rightful place in their homes as authority over their children.

On this note we want to give thanks to our parents who really care for our learners and for their constant concern about our learner’s behavior.

An action group has been formed that consists of teachers, parents and ladies from the community. Their sole purpose will be to rekindle and teach our girls to act like the ladies they can be. Not only will the focus be on our girls, but on the boys as well. Therefore the idea has been put forward for the establishment of girls and boys clubs at school which will be supported by the Department of Education. Information in this regard will be forwarded to you very soon.


The first term has its highs and lows. The U/16 Sevens team made us very proud when they won the Sport and Recreational meet in Wynberg. A big thank you goes to Bertie Dickson and Justin Blood who have been the manager and coach of the team. Because parent’s involvement is the centre of any excellent school, we wish for all our parents to be more involved in helping with the extra-curricular activities of the school. The U/18 soccer team surprised us all by being crowned champions of the Overstrand, unfortunately they were beaten by Beaufort-West in the championship in Mitchells Plain. Congratulations to Sicelo of the Football Foundation who coached the team as well as Mr. Neil Pedro, the team manager.  Congratulations also go to Allan Tobias who made the South-Boland team in athletics.

The big news:

On the 16th of April 2011 all the roads will be lead to Gansbaai when 18 schools will convene to take part in the U/16 tournament. In this tournament, we as the Sharkies want to make our mark but at this moment we are still looking for sponsors for our team jerseys. We believe truly that businesses want to associate themselves with the sport teams of Gansbaai and that they want to place their logos on the jerseys. Our aim is to go into several sponsor-relationships next term.


It is with great pride that we announce the fact that Gansbaai Academia has its own website and a big big thanks go to Mr. Ernst Nieuwoudt who created and maintains our website. The purpose of this website is to be a source of advertisement for the school as well as a communication medium for parents and our sponsors. The web address is as follows:

We urge you please to visit our website continuously to update yourself about happenings at school


Gansbaai Academia had held a few functions in the first term, and on this note we want to express our thanks to the parents who offered their help. Unfortunately the majority of our parents did not offer to help and the conclusion we arrive from this is that the parents attitude towards the school can also be observe in their children’s attitude towards the school.

The Gospel Evening was relatively successful. The Surf walks which take place 30th March was once again supported by the parents who really care about our school and the education of their children. The three learners who collected the most money are:

  1. Timothy Behr 11C – R610-00
  2. Jack Swart 9B – R572-00
  3. Shiela Swart 8C – R530-00

We are thankful to the NEMO SHARK BOAT owners for offering a free shark observing trip to 18 learners who collected the most money for the Surf walk.

All functions happening next term will be given through to you as soon as possible. All the money collected will be used for the good of education for your child. A teacher is needed urgently at Gansbaai Academia.

Academic achievements

Grade 8 Top 10

1 Swart, Shiela 8C 73.33
2 Lourens, Monique 8C 71.22
3 Bekker, Chandri 8A 67.00
4 Prins, Phillip 8B 66.44
5 Wessels, Rene 8C 65.78
6 Crafford, Phillip 8C 63.78
7 Fourie, Chris 8E 63.33
8 Mulope, Malcom 8E 61.67
9 Pieters, Delmaine 8C 61.22
10 Harmse, Marelize 8B 60.56




Grade 9 Top 10

1 Groenewald, Georgina 9A 70.11
2 Grebe, Monique 9A 70.00
3 Van der Merwe, Clinton 9B 69.89
4 Behm, Corine 9A 66.22
5 Burgess, Sloane 9B 65.11
6 Brett, Shamima 9B 64.78
7 King, Lizandra 9B 63.00
8 Phillips, Chamuel 9C 62.89
9 Motsilili, Samkelo 9E1 62.56
10 Yana, Simphiwe 9E1 62.33

Grade 10 Top 10

1 De Koning, Bianca 10B 85.14
2 Rigala, Lucia 10A 72.14
3 Groenewald, Joana 10A 71.29
4 Roux, Danelle 10A 70.86
5 Filander, Jolene 10A 70.00
6 Pieterse, Mariska 10A 68.00
7 Otto, Daniel 10B 64.86
8 Spies, Juandre 10B 64.57
9 Bulpitt, Mario 10B 63.29
10 Ndabambi, Sisipho 10E 62.57

Grade 11 Top 10

1 Le Roux, Michelle 11C 80.86
2 Cowley, Colin 11C 76.14
3 Fourie, Bea 11C 74.86
4 Naude, Sarel 11C 69.85
5 Aploon, Tamlyne 11C 69.14
6 Mqhwayi, Asiphe 11A 69.14
7 Schmidt, Edrich 11A 69.14
8 Lourens, Alicia 11C 68.29
9 De Pauw, Andrea 11C 65.00
10 Munro, Ellen 11C 64.29




Congratulations to these learners with their achievement.

We wish all educators and learners a well deserved “short” holiday. Parents, just one more thing, the next term is very short and please motivate your child to come back to school with a learning attitude.


16 April Rugby

April Hotdog sale

April 13-20: Parent meeting



Tommy D Wilson


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