Great News From 2013 Head Boy

It is always great to hear from our previous matriculants about the successes they have achieved, such as Bianca De Koning’s full scholarship to the University Of The Free State or Michelle Le Roux’s Lovelife scholarship to France. Now we have received some more great news from our 2013 head boy, Siviwe Yuyu. He has just written an email to our principal from Emory University in Atlanta in the United States, where he recently completed a seven day 7Mindsets program and then received a great accolade. This is the text of his email:

Hi Mr. Wilson,

I have won “The ultimate potential scholarship”, which was created by the 7Mindsets founder Mr. Scott Schickler and partners.

7Mindsets is an empowerment program that was formed 6 years ago. Its vision is to teach people about the 7Mindsets on how to live their ultimate lives to the fullest and help spreading 7Mindsets. It is a research done on books and interviews about what most successful and happy people across the world have in common.

The Ultimate Potential Scholarship was formed after a young boy by the name of Omar was shot by notorious gangsters. The boy was an entrepreneur who was trained and mentored by Mr. Schickler. The winner of the scholarship is then awarded based on unlimited potential and identified as best participant in the 7Mindsets program by feedback, comments and ideas the participant brought up during the week of the program.

The scholarship is a surprise because nobody knows about it except 7Mindsets members and partners. There were 125 participants from world wide. The participants include countries like China, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad, Korea, U.S.A, Mexico, England, Nigeria, Egypt and Malaysia and other states of U.S.

I was identified as the winner of the scholarship and the 1st winner of the scholarship. The scholarship is worth $3000. That’s all the details. Have a good day Mr. Wilson.

Siviwe Yuyu

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Below is a photo taken in 2013 with our head girl, Bianca De Koning, and head boy, Siviwe Yuyu, meeting the premier of the Western Cape, Ms Helen Zille.

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