Head Boy and Head Girl 2013

Siviwe Yuyu has been chosen as head boy for 2013 with Bianca de Koning as the head girl. Both Siviwe and Bianca are part of the Rachel’s Angels and are among the top academic achievers for 2012.

Siviwe received the trophy for the male dux for 2012 and Biance the female dux for 2012. This is the third year in a row Bianca has received this award. The Dux trophy is for excellence in three of the following four categories; Academic, Sport, Culture and Leadership. Bianca has won the culture trophy for two years in a row.

Both are on the editorial team of the school newspaper, Bianca being the editor and Siviwe the sub-editor.

They are true ambassadors of Gansbaai Academia and the school can be very proud to have them as the head leaders of 2013.

Siviwe Yuyu And Bianca de Koning
Siviwe Yuyu And Bianca de Koning


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